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Who can contact us?
  1. Writers (Any woman writer who has published at least one book/poem/story/article, can contact us with details for inclusion of her name in the site.)
  2. Readers (Any reader who has information on a writer whose name doesn’t appear in this site.)

Dear Writer/ Reader, If you would like to add a profile to this website, please send the following details to Samyukta, Post Box No. 1162, Pattom Palace P.O., Thiruvananthapuram – 695 004 .

Please remember to send the following:
  • Resume / Bio note (English or Malayalam, Preferably both)
  • Photo
  • Copy of the Work/Extract from it ( along with the title page and the copyright page)
  • List of works published
  • A short article on the Writer that could be given in the WWK website
(Even if you want to inform us about earlier writers whose bio-notes or photos are not available, you can send us the details available.)
Please Write to

You can also provide the details by filling up one of the forms given below.

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