Sister Ancy S. H.

Sister Ancy S. H.

Born at Kottiyoor in Kannur. After taking her first religious vow in 1974 and second vow in1982, she became a member of the religious community of sisters of the Sacred Heart in the Thalassery province. She worked as a lecturer in St. Joseph’s College, Irinjalakkda, St. Aloshyas College, Elthrthu and Prajyothi nikethan College Puthukad.

Sister Ancy’s published work is “Ulloorum Prabodhatmakathayum” (Ulloor and Awakening) (1999).

The work “Ulloorum Prabodhatmakathayum” is a story of the poetry of Ulloor which was very nique because of his poetic style and approach. ‘Asthikyathinte Sankeerthanagal” (Psalms of Faith in God) is the third chapter of this book. Ulloor’s poems reveal his personality and identity. It is based on his complete faith in God- which was never institutionalized.

The writer discovers that vales like love and perseverance which the poet celebrate so beautifully gather energy from Ulloor’s deep faith in God. Sister Ancy steps into areas which others hesitate to enter and studies exhaustingly the poetry of Ulloor and establishes that Ulloor was basically a poet of spiritual awakening. 

“Ulloorum Prabodhatmakathayum” (lloor and Awakening). Current Books. Kottayam. 1999.


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