Ammini Amma Tharavathu

Ammini Amma Tharavathu

Born in 1895, at Vadakkumthara in Palghat. Daughter of Tharavathu Ammalu Amma and Vadakkumthara Unnikrishna Warriyar. Expired on September 16, 1979.

Her debut work is Veerapatni (Heroic wife) published in 1927. Apart from this novel, she has also written biographies like Andal Charithram (History of Andal), Meerabai and Sreemathi Tharavath Ammalu Amma, a Travelogue - Badharinatha Yathra” (Journey to Badarinath) and a Children’s book named Balabodhini. Clarity in the descriptions of individuals is the unique quality of her biographies. She consistently displays simplicity and honesty in her writings.

An extract from the biography of Tharavathu Ammalu Amma is included here. The author has presented here the life history of her own mother who was a very famous literary figure, with great readability. Ammalu Amma had wished during her life time that her daughter writes her story. But she also wished that the book should only come out only after her death because it was going to be a picture of endless miseries. The daughter has portrayed very clearly and honestly the spiritual life of her mother. The examples and incidents proving Ammalu Amma’s extra ordinary courage during her last days touch the reader’s heart deeply. 

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