Agnes V. Das Kattakkada

Agnes V. Das Kattakkada

Born in Trivandrum on May 27, 1993. Daughter of J. Vimala and Dr. T. G. Das. At the tender age of three, she wrote her first story Neyyappam. When she was five, she wrote her first poem Amma. She published her first collection of nineteen short stories Thenkinnam (Cup of Honey) at the age of six. She has written more than fifty short stories and two hundred poems so far. Thenthullikal (Honey Drops) is a collection of forty-four poems she composed before completing seven years of age.

The poem 'Iswara Nanmakal' ('Kindness of God') from her collection Thenthullikal is an extremely beautiful poem because of its imaginative quality and felicity of composition.

"Thenkinnam" ("Cup of Honey"). "Thenthullikal" ("Honey Drops").


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