Achala J. S.

Achala J. S.

Born in 1990 at Chalakkudi, Thrissur. She is an Engineering student. Achala started writing stories at a very young age. Achala writes essays and poems in English. Her first story was published in Children's Deepika when she was in fourth standard. Achala has published stories, essays and travelogues in 'Thaliru', a children's magazine. Achala's first collection of stories Kurinjiyude Diaryikkurippukal (Kurinji’s Diary) was published when she was in ninth standard. She has won numerous prizes for her creativity at district and state level school youth festivals.

 Kurinjiyude Diayarikkurippukal is a collection of selected stories Achala has written during her school days. George Onakkoor in his preface to this book has opined that the stories of Achala bear the imprint of a talented child with unrestricted imagination. The stories in this collection indicate the growth of the writer in Achala. The story Cheriyavante Gunam is an example.  The story starts with the opening line “there lived a lion and a rat in a forest" and ends with the moral that even an insignificant man has an important role to play in the society. The story Ormakale Vida (Farewell to Memories) reflects the thoughts of a child who is into his/her youth.

            A part from Achala's story Veettilekk Oru Kshanakkathu (An Invitation Letter to Home) which won the fourth prize in the university youth festival is included here. We can see a girl reflecting on her past in the part titled Yathra. The feeling of security in a womb, mother's love and the warmth of relations are being reminisced by the author. These memories make her character compassionate.

“Kurinjiyude Diayarikkurippukal” (“Kurinji’s Diary”). Trivandrum: Paridhi Publications, 2005.


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