Born at Kavanattu in Kollam district in 1948. She is a Central Govt. employee. She has received awards for short story writing in at the state, national and international levels. She received the Sakhi Award for her novel Varadevatha (Goddess of the Woods) in 1985. She published a collection of short stories "Mookkuthi" ("Nose Ring") in 1983. Akhila is a prominent contemporary writer whose works regularly appear in magazines and journals. The unique feature of her stories is the delineation of the woes of women and the tragedies of their lives. Her talent shines brilliantly in her poetic style and rich language. The character Sowdamini Cheriyamma in the story Mookkuthi is so touching that it scatters diamond drops of tears in the minds of readers. There is no doubt that the character Sowdamini Cheriyamma will remain in the hearts of the readers forever.

"Mookkuthi" ("Nose Ring"). 1983.


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