M. C. Josaphine

M. C. Josaphine

Josphine was born on 3 August 1949 in Murukkumpatathi in Vaipin of Ernakulam district. She is the daughter of M. A. Chavaro and Mary Magdalena. She received her primary education from St. Mary’s L.P.S. Murukkumpadam and Ochanthuruthu Santacuz high school. She graduated from St.Xavier’s College Aluva.She obtained her postgraduate degree from the Maharaja’s College Ernakulam. She entered into politics through K.S.Y.F,D.Y.F.I. and Mahila federation. She joined C.P.I. (M) in 1978 and began her political carrier as a branch secretary. Currently she is a member of the central committee of C.P.I.(M).She was the Ernakulam district secretary of the Women’s organization for 15 years. Now she is the state president of Janadhipathya Mahila Association. Her published collection of articles is titled “Porattangalile penprumakal” published in 2007. M. C. Josphine a member of the central committee of C.P.I. (M) is an excellent example of the rebellious modern women. In her collection of essays portraying the feminine presence in the struggles, she truthfully writes about how she had discovered her “self”. The writer imparts awareness to her readers about the institution of family where a woman’s efforts are exploited. She strongly criticizes the practice of confining people in compartments of cast and religion, instead of moulding them into good human beings. She convinces her readers about the inevitability of the presence of women in politics.

“Porattathinte Penperumakal” (“Achievements of Women in Struggles”). Trivandrum: Chintha publishers, 2007.


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