Jayalekshmi P.

Jayalekshmi P.

Born in Trivandrum. L. Parukuttiyamma and S.K. Viswanathan Nair are her parents. After her schooling, she studied in N. S. S. College, Women’s college and Law College. She entered service in the secretariat in 1984 and is presently the undersecretary. Published two stories in the collection “Nilavin Vazhiyiloode” (Through the Moonlit Path) brought forward by blog books. Another published works is “Avalude Mathram Gandharvan” (Her own Gandharvan) . The short story “Nilavu Thinna Chakoram” is included here. Jayalekshmi is a very close observer of life and presents very honestly the estrangements in human relationships and changes in outlooks and attitudes. Her affinity for painting and the music in her mind give a special energy to her stories. Dr. George Onakoor’s assessment of this story is noteworthy. “Jayalekshmi writes stories about those human beings who are alienated in fast and stressful lives. Throwing her own dreams in the funeral pyre, Nirmala wears the attire of a home MUSE FOR THE SECURITY OF HER FAMILY. In the end, moon light spreads and fills the dark spaces and she floats in that milky light, she flaps her wings and flies up. Amid her black and brown feathers which are soft and slimming, eyes sparkle like red rubies.”

“Avalude Mathram Gandharvan” (“Her Own Gandharvan”). Kottayam: S. P.C. S. 2009.


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