Born at Vakkom in Trivandrum district as the daughter of M. Gomathi and M. Divakaran. Presently she is working in the secretariat. Her husband Chathanoor Mohan is a poet, Lyricist and the Subedotor of Kerala Kaumudi. Resides at Kadappakada in Kollam. Her first story “Mullappoovile Katturumbu” (The Stringing Ant in the Jasmine Flower) was published in “Yuvadesham” at the age of fifteen. For quite sometime after this publication, she took a break after which she resumed writing. Prof. M. Krishnan Nair had praised her stories like “Samandara Rekhakal” (Parallel Lines) and “Smrithikaliloru Mazha” (Rain in Memories). The first chapter of Jayakumari’s first novel “Japamala” (Rosary) is included here. Love is not to be snatched. It has to fill your heart and spill! When this universe melts to nothing when love flows into you. Life becomes hollow and orphaned in the absence of love. She did cling to her lost love with greed and passion! This novel unveils with a rare beauty the lost love which can cause ripples in the soft innermost recesses of the mind. The village described in the novel is her own village and the military man who appears in the story is her own father.

“Japamala” (Rosary). Kollam: Saindhava Books. 2006.


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