Hema Prakash

Hema Prakash

Born in Kozhikode on the 12th of December 1959. Graduated in History and Economics from Malabar Christian College.

She wrote English poems in the college Magazine for two years. Her first work is “T. S. 185/2 Kalathilkunnu, Amsham Desham” which is a memoir.

This is a book of memories that travels along favourite spots. The events and characters in this book impart a very novel personal experience. The life experiences depicted in this book which is almost fictional, tells the story of a land which has been made barren by the city life style. This is the lament of a land. 

“T. C. 185/2 Kalathilknnu, Amsham Desham”. Thrissur: Current Books, 2010.


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