Gita Hiranyan

Gita Hiranyan

Gita Hiranyan was born in 1958 in Kottavattom near Kottarakara. She is a poet and short story writer and prior to her marriage was known as Gita Potti in which name she began to write. She got married to the writer Hiranyan and was a lecturer in Govt. College. She died when she was just 44 years old.

She acquired a place among Malayalam writers by dint of her talent and her choice of topics of current relevance. In the short story competition organized by Mathrubhoomi weekly, in 1979 for the Vishu Festival, Gita Hiranyan’s story Deerkhapangan got the consolation prize. For a long spell, Gita Hiranyan did not write. However she nursed a deep love for writing in her heart which she expressed thus: “Words are my only treasure- a treasure I’ve not disclosed to anyone.”

In 1995, the first volume of her collected short stories, Otta Snappil Othukkanavilla Oru Janma Sathyam was published. Sri. M. T. Vasudevan Nair who wrote the introduction wrote: “These stories have been formed naturally, like the changing seasons and without any hint of labor. They are those who transcend existing frame works and techniques that have been in place over the years. In the conflicts of life depicted here there has been peaceful rebellion that do not clamoured for attention. As one finishes reading each story, one is left with the strange feeling that a revision is required for lives that have often been taken for granted. “


It is Gita Hiranyan’s The Disjointed Self that has been included here. The story written in 1999 is included in the collection of the same title. It is the story of Smitha who is poor though of the upper caste. She is being educated by a relative and is sent to college. One cannot but be grateful to the relative. Whenever her other relatives get the opportunity they remind her that she has to be grateful.

“It’s not for free. For this, we’ve had to work physically,” retorts Smitha. Even the mother is forced to agree to this. What Smitha meant was that her mother was working in the kitchen all day for the benevolent relative. But Smitha was working in a way that her mother has no idea about. She was being sexually exploited. This was the era in which sexual workers were forming a union in urban areas, but Smitha is not part of any union- she is alone in all areas of life. 

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