Fatima Gafoor

Fatima Gafoor

Fatima had actively participated in many of the women’s welfare movements. She was a social worker in the radiology department of Western medical hospital in the globally renowned Edinburgh University. Since 1972 she was the president of the women’s wing of M.E.S.

Her published work is titled Ormayilennum (In the Memory Forever), which is a collection of her memories.

In her book Ormayilennum Fatima Gafoor writes about the personality of Dr. Abdul Gafoor who dedicated his whole life for serving people. Her style of narration is simple and straight forward, almost like a conversation with a friend. Abdul Gafoor was not just a doctor but he was socially active too and it is said that the inspiration behind his efforts for founding the Muslim Educational Society was his wife, Fatima Gafoor. Abdul Gafoor succeeded in uplifting a society which was often ridiculed for its lack of education. There were times when he had to turn a deaf ear to the protests from his own community. Fatima Gafoor used to help her husband in all his welfare activities and has successfully portrayed his personality through her book.

“Ormayilennum” (“In the Memory Forever”). 1988


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