Deepthi Omcheri Bhalla

Deepthi Omcheri Bhalla

Born in Delhi as the daughter of Prof. Omcheri and Dr. Leela Omcheri. Started learning music and dance from the age of three onwards. She is the student of the International Centre for Kadhakali, Delhi. Won the scholarship for Higher Education from Sahithyakala Parishat and Central Govt. An expert in Carnatic Music, Hindstani Music and Mohiniyattam. Secured Degrees like M. A., M.Phil and Ph. D. She is the head and senior Reader in the Department of Carnatic Music (Faculty) Music Department, Delhi university.

Besides her books like “Sopana Music of Kerala” and “Music and Musical Instrument of India,” she has collaborated with her mother Dr. Leela Omcheri in the writing of five books.

“Keralathile Lasya Rachanakal” (Lasya Writings of Kerala) is a book written by a mother and daughter rooted in a rich literary tradition. All their works are on Music and Arts.  In this book the deal with the Abhinaya Padas which are the chief ingredient in the field of Dance. The purpose of this book is to bring to light rare facts and ancient writings in this field. The books depicts  in the beginning the ancient dancers (belonging to the “Thali” period) of Kerala who were described as “Nakas”. We get a glimpse of their lives and dealings with Art. So far no one has written about Thali Naukas. This book gives a new piece of information. The Thali Naukas were as community of Temple dancers in Kerala many years before the Devadasi system originated. Their life style was very different from that of the Devadasis. There is no doubt in saying that this book dealing with the musical and dance traditions of Kerala will benefit lovers of art and music.

“Sopana Music of Kerala”. “Music and Musical Instrument of India”


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